Patience Really Is a Virtue

by Tamara Jacobs


It can be difficult to hang tight until you arrive at the place you’d like to be. In my personal opinion, there are two reasons for this. One, we live in a culture of immediacy where we want, no need, everything as soon as the thought pops into our minds. And two, we are all a little bit spoilt, expect things to come to us easily and don’t want to work as hard as we need to achieve the things we want. But no matter what the reason, living in limbo is not enjoyable. It makes us anxious, uncertain of ourselves and often leaves us doubting people and questioning absolutely everything.

I am here to tell you all to take a deep breath. In my experience things tend to come around, even if it isn’t until much later. And if they don’t, there are bound to be lessons you can learn while you’re waiting – realisations about yourself and what you really want. Realisations that you may not have had time to have if things had fallen into place from the start.

When we get frustrated in a job naturally we want a new one. We tell people we’re looking, send out CVs online, contact recruiters and when things don’t happen immediately we come down on ourselves and on our existing job. Instead of huffing and puffing, think about what it is about your current job that is bothering you. How can you develop your role or work with your team to make things better? Your dream job may not necessarily come as fast as you like, so it’s worth spending as much time thinking of ways you can improve your current job as you do looking for your next one. Who knows, with a few tweaks here and there you might find that your work is more challenging and rewarding than you thought.

In relationships we always want our partners or love interests to not only be on the same page as us, but at the same time as well. Unfortunately things don’t always work out that way. People need time, things need time, life takes time. Just hold tight and have faith in the unknown. While the future isn’t always certain, one thing is: if you work hard, invest your energy in the right goals and people and are smart enough to read signs when they are right in front of your face, most of the things you want will be coming your way. In the interim ask yourself what it is you’re really after and take control over the things you can to make them happen.