Meet Me At The Crossroad

by Tamara Jacobs


Ever feel like you aren’t quite sure what the heck it is you’re doing? Whether it be in life or love or career? It’s like all of a sudden we’re just expected to know which path we want to take, where it leads, how we’re going to get on it, and who we’re going to get on it with. But in actuality most of us don’t have the answers to any of those things. And while old people like to tell us we’re still young with our whole lives ahead of us, it doesn’t feel that way when some very critical life decisions are supposed to be made by the time you’re thirty.

We’ve been observing people our whole lives. Noticing the qualities we like as well as those we don’t. We’ve started to learn what we have patience for and what we don’t and our expectations of people start to form. But just because we’re starting to get a clearer picture of the things we want, it doesn’t mean that everyone we know and spend time with will fit exactly into that mold. After all, they’re still trying to create their own picture and find the things they want. Some people will do it in a way that everyone notices, throwing fits and experiencing emotional highs and lows that they feel they have no control over. Others will keep to themselves as if they are able to remain calm through any storm. But I assure you they are unleashing in their own, silent ways, because we’re all just taking it one day at a time. Figuring out who we are and trying not to screw anything too major up along the way. Trying not to ruin a good thing or waste too much time thinking and not doing.

The truth is, twenty-somethings are at a crossroad. A time when they feel like adults, but are still desperately trying to hold on to their youth. A time when you always feel like you’re at one end of the spectrum- sorted for the rest of your life- or so far from it you may as well be sixteen.

There is no answer to this one, it’s just a time we all must face. The best advice I can give is to have the confidence in yourself to trust that things will work out. That you’re a good person who deserves good things. That you’re not easily brought down and that if this doesn’t work out, something else will.