Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

by Tamara Jacobs


They’re called comfort zones for a reason, because they protect us from harm. But sometimes what we’re hiding from is perceived harm, rather than actual danger. Risks can and should be calculated- after all, there is a difference between being impulsive and being stupid. But in many instances, those people who never leave their comfort zones end up missing out on a lot of great opportunities and experiences.

Taking the step out of your comfort zone and into the real world is what makes you an adult. That’s when real life starts happening, but the question is- are you ready for what real life has to offer? There will be great things I promise, but there will also be let-downs and hardships. But with every victory comes defeat so just hang tight, greatness is on the horizon.

I always find it a bit sad when someone isn’t willing to try something new, something different. All they can think of is every possible thing that might go wrong, every piece of security that they’ll lose if they go for something or someone else. The thing is, they wouldn’t be so dependent on that security if it existed within themselves.

There are steps that must be taken at every stage of one’s life to prepare them for leaving their comfort zones. These steps include a proper education so that you’re always employable, a sense of self worth, so that you never allow yourself to be taken advantage of, and trust, so that you stop looking at the world as place that will chew you up and spit you out and start looking at it as a place that will invite you in, and every now and then, even embrace you.

With that confidence in yourself and the people that surround you, you can be unstoppable. You are armed and ready to do anything that you choose. And I can promise you that what you’ll choose won’t be a job that you hate, a relationship that has no more passion, or a lifestyle that makes you feel rotten. No what you’ll choose, is a job that is challenging and rewarding, a relationship that is full of love and respect, and a lifestyle that is full of adventure and new opportunities.

So take the step, because the grass really is greener outside of your comfort zone.