Learn Something New Every Day

by Tamara Jacobs


Apart from the inevitable death, it seems the biggest fear of many people is boredom. Perhaps they fear their own boredom or perhaps they fear making other people feel bored. I personally take comfort in knowing, that every day we learn new things, we face new challenges, and as a result, life is rarely boring, just as the countless dinners you are destined to share with that one special someone for the rest of your life won’t be boring.

This is a nice thought, but of course, we don’t learn new things every day. We might from reading the newspaper or looking deep within ourselves to analyse what one event means to us, what one hiccup at work says about our character or how it can lead us down a path to self-improvement, but most days for most people, feel exactly the same as the day before did.

While some take comfort in the repetition, others feel suffocated by it. This is what often causes people to jump around between jobs, relationships, homes, even cities. I do think it’s important for people to always be challenging themselves, and if they find themselves in a situation where things are beginning to feel stunted, then it might be time to start planting seeds elsewhere, however, lessons are hidden everywhere. And while your job might not be filled with seasoned mentors dying to impart their wisdom, or new and exciting businesses to pitch to every day, you are learning. Maybe you’re learning to get better at one or two things by doing them every day. Maybe you’re learning how to manage upwards by setting deadlines for your boss and scheduling his time to help you improve. Or maybe you’re learning that you need to find stimulation outside of your 9-5, that personal and career development also comes from the way you choose to spend your free time.

A lot of life’s learning experiences come from the work we do for ourselves, which is why it is so important, especially in the earlier stages of your professional life, to dedicate time to expanding your skill set. This might mean time away from friends or social activities but it will ultimately contribute to your overall professional worth.

Those who make it their aim to learn something new every day will find a way to ensure that they do. Will you?