by Tamara Jacobs


“The fear of burglars is not only the fear of being robbed, but also the fear of a sudden and unexpected clutch out of the darkness.” – Elias Canetti

Over the past few months I have shared advice with you on a variety of subjects I believe to affect us all- love, life, relationships, work… But today the advice I have to offer is slightly different. It’s inspired from a really hard lesson that I learned for the first time the other day.

This past Monday evening my house was robbed. I live with three other people and we all lost our computers, cameras, ipods, jewellery, cash, and pretty much everything else of value we owned. The costs we are to incur because of this are more than any of us can afford. Moreover the idea of having to go out and buy something we had already owned but were robbed of is an extremely frustrating one. But more than the loss of physical things, the act was an invasion of all of our privacy, and has left each of us feeling unsettled in our own home. Home is supposed to be the one place where we feel safe, and the knowledge that strangers- thieves- criminals were in there, rummaging through our belongings, makes it feel like anything but that.

I could use this post to remind you all to lock your doors, close your gates, and put bars on your windows, but that’s not the advice I am passing on today (although all good suggestions). No, the moral of this story is that we aren’t invisible. And that not all people are kind. When you choose to live in a big city, to run in the fast lane, you must be prepared for all that it comes with- the good and the bad. There are job opportunities to be had, life experiences to enjoy, and friendships to be made of course, but there are also new people to watch out for, new streets to learn, and new challenges to face. It is in these instances that we must take our heads out of the clouds and be aware of our surroundings. Because in the real world unfortunately, not everyone is looking out for us, not every area has a neighbourhood watch, and not every road and person on it, is paved with good intentions.

So be aware and be safe.