You Made Your Bed… So Lie In It

by Tamara Jacobs


We all knew cheats growing up. They were the smooth talking, cool kids, that took advantage of everyone and did exactly what they wanted. And worst of all, they were able to get away with it because they were attractive or popular or just really manipulative. Well, at least we thought they were getting away with it. But I am here to tell you that nobody ever gets away with anything long term. A wise man once told me, it takes an eternity to create a reputation, but only seconds to break one. Another wise man once told me, that he didn’t have to wish ill upon those who were cruel, because it was coming their way no matter what.

It is true. People who are dishonest, mean, selfish, or difficult are making their bed every day. We see them float through life with ease and it frustrates us because they simply do not deserve it. If that’s the case, we think to ourselves, then why do I waste so much damn time being good? The answer. You’re good, because that’s who you are, and life will thank you for it. It will thank you by giving you real friends, by not firing you from jobs, by granting you good luck. Moreover, you are good because you realise that it takes more energy to be mean and plotting than it does to just be friendly and reliable.

Real people know other real people when they see them. They are not fooled by the fake and the deceptive, even if they appear to be buying their game. But bear in mind that being good is very different from being trusting or naive. This is where good people tend to get taken advantage of. They get manipulated and they convince themselves that it happened because they were good and why should they expect anything less? The answer- because less is all some people are capable of delivering.

You have to walk through life with your eyes open. You have to be careful. You have to see people and situations for who and what they are. And remember, bullies stay bullies because no one ever stands up to them. My guess is that they wouldn’t be so hard to take down, if one day someone actually tried. So- be kind, be brave, and be cautious.