Generation Lazy

by Tamara Jacobs


Work ethic is giving great effort to complete a task. Passion is giving great energy to achieve an outcome. – Simon Sinek

There is no question that my generation (Echo) consists of the some of the most innovative, influential, and impressive young people in history. We have reached a global age where it is acceptable for young people to educate their elders in matters of work, life, art, science, and technology. Young people have been the instigators of major societal changes that have affected business, politics, and the environment. The hippies of my parents generation fought for this freedom and the creative and ambitious of mine are taking full advantage of it… Well, some of them are.

But there is also a huge proportion of my generation who are taking far too long to find themselves. This is of course a product of privilege, and I have no doubt that the privileged of older generations also felt no rush to commit to work and a life of responsibilities and redudancies. But for the most part, members of my parents generation (Boomers), came out of high school or university, started working, and have not stopped for the past 40+ years. And no matter what their socio-economic background, they simply do not understand how we can spend so much time avoiding responsibility and justify it by calling it a ‘soul search’.

I fully support those people who want to travel the world and extend their education with postgraduate degrees, so long as these experiences are contributing to the development of real goals that they fully intend on fulfilling. But if all it is an avoidance then that can’t possibly be alright, can it?

It is critical that one finds something they like to do, something they feel they are good at, and somewhere where the environment is positive and progressive. But one should not confuse that vision, with a perfect job, where everyday is a pleasure, because there is no such thing. Every person has stresses, every job has tedious tasks, there is always a degree of admin to be done and bullshit to deal with, but one must getting fucking on with it, as they say.

And for those of us who didn’t grow up with a stick-to-it-iveness that resulted in a grade nine piano credential or the opportunity to show-jump at the Kentucky Derby, we have to just choose something. Something that we like or that we think is challenging. Something that we want to get better at. Life should be fun, I am a total advocate of fun. But we are all members of a society and if we don’t contribute to it, it won’t be as strong as it needs to be, and that means working. That means adding value in some way.

So think, everyday, about the things that come naturally to you, about the things that you enjoy, and pursue them. Pursue them in a creative way, in a traditional way, in a new way, in anyway. But choose something and make something of yourself. Because life is so much better when you do.

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