Moving Up? Can’t Say, but Definitely Moving On.

by Tamara Jacobs


It was this time last year, that a moving truck came to my family’s home to pack up our things. Twelve hours, two backaches, five headaches and a couple of trips later, we were out. Fourteen years of memories locked up in four walls I would probably never enter again.

Friends had asked me, in the weeks leading up to the move, if I was sad to go. My answer- “Of course, who wouldn’t be sad to leave a mansion and move into a shoebox!” In my efforts to always put a funny spin on everything, even the most tragic moments of my life, I planned to document the life of a twenty-seven year old deportee, living back at home with her parents in their tiny little apartment. The events of which would be recorded through hidden nanny-cams, which I would then translate into a blockbuster comedy or hit TV series that would earn me international acclaim as a writer as well as a quick million or two.

I returned from class the evening of our move and saw that my mother, with her royal eye, had not failed us, and that this little two bedroom was actually quite charming. After unpacking my own things, and managing to squeeze my eccentric wardrobe into about eight inches of closet space (my previous biggest concern), I felt pretty settled. And that’s when I realized, I didn’t care how small the flat was, or how little space my clothes had, hell I’d lived in tinier. What was missing was my home and my life in it. Walking through each empty room made me so nostalgic for the past. It made me want to hold on to the walls and hug the carpets. For the first time in my fast moving, constantly changing, adventure seeking life, I wanted to cement my feet on those floors and just enjoy standing still.

It is so much easier to embrace change when it is not being forced upon you but a decision you make yourself. You’re ready, you’re set and you go. But it’s the changes you didn’t ask for, those that you have no control over, that leave you standing in shock like a deer in headlights.

But like the deer, in order to survive, you must look away from what’s threatening you and proceed in the direction you were heading.