Slow Down, Take Time

by Tamara Jacobs


The other day I had the pleasure of reading the intimate thoughts of one of my closest friends. In her list of mantras to live by she had written “slow down, take time”. When I later mentioned to her how profound I thought it was she giggled, believing it to be anything but articulate.

I bring this up today because in recent weeks I have offered council to both friends and family members who are currently struggling with the fast pace of life and their role in it (as so many of us do). We start a job and we want to be the best from our first day. We start a relationship and we want our partner to love us more then they have anyone else. We stop for one moment and then a few moments later we beat ourselves for having let that moment pass.

It is my belief that we all need to tear a page out of my friend’s book. That we are all in desperate need of time. Not time to do more, but time to enjoy more. To reflect on the things we have already achieved and the things we are setting out to do. To stop and laugh at something that is really funny, or dance to a song that is really good.

And in our day to days we must accept above and beyond it all, that we are human. That there is a learning curve that employers, friends, partners, and parents are allowing us the time to follow. At the end of the day most of us expect much more of ourselves then others do. This isn’t a bad thing, unless of course you are running yourself ragged trying to do it all. So before you find permanent residence on your psychologist’s couch, try taking a walk and quite literally, smelling the roses.