Drunk Texting: Come On or Turn Off?

by Tamara Jacobs

Not unlike any bad habit, drunk texting is something everyone does, but few people like to admit to. Here are a few facts that should help put your anxious minds to rest.

  1. Drinking makes you feel sexy. It is therefore completely normal that you would be thinking about sex, and be in pursuit of it when you’re drinking. Isn’t this the reason why bars, nightclubs, and dinner parties with lots of wine all started in the first place?
  2. The decisions we make when drunk are not always the most thought out. This is where the anxiety starts to kick in. The “I know and that’s why I need to stop drinking as much” thoughts. Try to think of it in another light. Sometimes our bravest decisions are those that aren’t thought out and analysed until the point when there is nothing exciting left to them anymore.
  3. There is a very BIG difference between drunk texting someone you have a casual, sexy relationship with and someone who wants you to leave them alone! Please try to remember this. Men and women alike will always appreciate being thought of in these contexts, providing a couple of things…

a)    That they are someone casual and not someone who is expecting more from you then drunk texting (ie. Girl who wants to be dated).

b)   That they actually like you and think of you in this, no strings attached, way. If the odds are that they will respond: “Babe, where are you? Come meet me” then the drunk text did what it was meant to. If the response is likely to be “uch” followed by a delete, then you probably shouldn’t have done it.

The moral of the story therefore is, drunk texting should be reserved for the “couples” who have a casual, sexual type relationship. Having said that, if you’re out having a good time and you make a slip up, don’t worry too much about it. Everyone feels sexy when they drink and most people want to do something about it, immediately.